ADF, short for ADF Hi-Tech Disinfectants Co., Ltd., is situated in beautiful seaside district of Shenzhen, China. Ever since its establishment in 1990, it has been focusing on the life and health industry with remarkable achievement in the products of professional disinfection and infection control. It is one of the country's first manufacturers of high-tech professional disinfectants for hospital use with the national accreditation of New-High-Technology Enterprise. It is ISO certified.

With advanced technologies and quality products, ADF has been serving the hospitals as well as other medical/health institutions across the country, especially in the metropolitans such as Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. It now enjoys the good professional image and the reputation of its products.

ADF boasts of its technologies of high-complexation and molecular space trap. ADF's active patent applications, research investment and high-level academic exchanges ensures itself to stand out in the front line of the field. It takes as a glory to be a representative of nation's top peers to take part in the making of a series of the nation's occupational standards regarding disinfectants for hospital use.

ADF stresses on strict selection of raw material suppliers. Most of them come from world-famous companies such as BASF, ASHLAND, and etc, whose huge amount of R & D investment continuously upgrades the old products and pushes out new products, which also pushes us forward for product promotion and creation to adapt ourselves to the social progress and lifestyle change by the products that are saver, more effective while more environmentally friendly.

Under the flag of ADF, we have the brands as follows

  • Wenchuan Earthquake
    Wenchuan Earthquake

    In 2008, it contributed a large amount of sanitary products to the prevention and control of the epidemics in the wake of the disastrous Wenchuan Earthquake.

  • SAS virus
    SAS virus

    ADF has also been active when it comes to working for the public good. In the fighting against SAS of 2003, it played a significant role in blocking the disease spread-out by supplying capable products to protect the medical staff from being attacked by the nasty virus.

  • Tianjin Explosion
    Tianjin Explosion

    In 2015, after the Tianjin Explosion disaster, ADF's denotation for burns arrived timely at the General Armed Police Hospital of Tianjin. The actual list is longer and we are going to make it still longer. Currently in the war against COVID-19, we have been doing our parts to make quality products for the combat.

  • “Rotten leg disease”
    “Rotten leg disease”

    In 2013, it set up Life & Health Fund with China's Red Cross to improve the health condition of the aged people in remote and impoverished rural areas. Among the first beneficiaries, numbers of sufferers of "rotten leg disease" who were affected by the virus from the bombs stealthily dropped by Japanese armies in World War II, and had been bearing horrifying unhealed trauma on their legs for as long as 70 years got better or even recovered after using the medical products by ADF through the Fun

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